KASL Awards

Barby Hardy Lifetime Achievement Award

​Award Recipients

2012:  Barby Hardy, (deceased), Fayette County Media Services

2013:  Terri Grief, McCracken County High School

2014:  Diane Goodwin, Librarian PL Dunbar, Fayette County; State Library Consultant, KDE; Media Services & Public Relations, Danville Independent Schools; Library Services Coordinator, OVEC Educational Cooperative

2015:  Janet Wells, Rockcastle County High School

2016:  Becky Nelson, Hearn Elementary, Franklin County

2017:  Melissa Gardner, Campbell County Middle School, Campbell County

2018:  Kathy Mansfield, Kentucky Department of Education Library Media Consultant

2019:  Tara Griffith, Barren County Schools

2020:  No award given

2021:  Janet Lanham, Library Media Services, Jefferson County

2022:  Linda Perkins, Jefferson County Schools & Tennessee

2023: Rebecca Bingham (deceased) 

2024:  Fred Tilsley 

Outstanding School Media Librarian

Award Recipients

1964:  Ann Franklin, Jefferson County

1965:  Alma Hill, Elizabethtown

1966:  Ruby Trower, Lafayette High School, Fayette County

1967:  Robin Fain, Jessamine County High School

1968:  Ruth S. Bentley, London

1969:  Teresa Collins, Maysville

1970:  Rebecca Bingham, Director of Library Services, Louisville Public Schools

1971:  Laura K. Martin, Frankfort

1972:  James Norsworthy, Greathouse Elementary School, Jefferson County

1973:  Zada Parsely, Bracken County High School

1974:  Louise C. Bedford, Instructional Media Coordinator,Montgomery County Schools

1975:  Rose F. Green, Jefferson County

1976:  Rose Marie Gabbard, Lee County High School

1977:  Mildred Gill, Franklin County High School

1978:  Thelma Estes, Fort Knox Dependent School

1979:  Annie Connors, Allen County

1980:  Ruby Smith, Barren County

1981:  Martha Peddicord, Bracken County High School

1982:  Janet Sue Tackett, Lowe Elementary School, Jefferson County

1983:  Alicia Bowman

1984:  Jean Ross, Marshall County High School

1985:  Olive Jeanette Williamson, Meece Middle School, Somerset Independent

1986:  Ann Durbin, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson County

1987:  Susie Keene, George F. Johnson Middle School

1988:  Linda Perkins, Kenwood Elementary School, Jefferson County

1989:  Barbara Thomson, Wilder Elementary School, Jefferson County

1990:  Becky Stephens, G.C. Burkhead Elementary, Hardin County

1991:  Donna Hornsby, Beechwood Elementary/High School, Beechwood Ind.

1992:  Kathy Bowling, Anchorage Independent Schools

1993:  Joyce Hahn, Southern Elementary School, Fayette County

1994:  Barbara Alexander, Male High School, Jefferson County

1995:  Margarette Morris, Belfry High School, Pike County

1996:  Karen McCuiston, Heath Elementary, McCracken County

1997:  Dr. Christine McIntosh, Bernheim Middle School, Bullitt County

1998:  Pat Collins, Lexington Traditional Magnet School, Fayette County

1999:  Margaret Roberts, Scott County High School

2000:  Emmalee Hill (Hoover), Twenhofel Middle School, Kenton County

2001:  Terri Kirk (Grief), Heath High School, McCracken County

2002:  Candance Wilson, Russell County Middle School

2003:  Amber Tongate, Tates Creek High School, Fayette County

2004:  Angie Hawkins, South Heights Elementary, Henderson County

2005:  Janet Wells, Rockcastle County High School

2006:  Denise Newbolt, Kenton Elementary, Kenton County

2007:  Sherry Deatrick, Southern Leadership Academy, Jefferson County

2008:  Alecia Marcum, William H. Natcher Elementary, Warren County

2009:  Laura Younkin, Ballard High School, Jefferson County

2010:  Mary Mattingly Elliott, South Green Elementary, Glasgow Independent

2011:  Cindy McNary-Atchinson, Greathouse/Shyrock Traditional Elementary School, Jefferson County

2012:  Marion Napier, Warren Central High School, Warren County

2013:  Melissa Gardner, Kenton Elementary, Kenton County

2014:  Janet Wells, Rockcastle County High School

2015:  Amanda Hurley, Henry Clay High School, Fayette County

2016:  Heidi Neltner, Johnson Elementary, Fort Thomas

2017:  Avonda Noe, Madison Southern High School, Madison County

2018:  James Allen, Eminence Independent School

2019:  Renee Hale, Drakes Creek Middle School, Warren County

2020:  No award given

2021:  (Tie) Ellen McFall, Lebanon Elementary School; Erin Wallace, Dunn Elementary School, Jefferson County

2022:  Tim Jones, Trinity High School

2023: Emily Northcutt, Marnel C. Moorman School

2024:  Donna Morris of Daniel Boone Elementary

Service Award for School Administrators

Award Recipients

1988:  Gary S. Tatum, Kenwood Elementary School, Jefferson County






1994:  Michael W. Tolliver, Principal, Simon Kenton High School, Kenton County

1995:  David Eakles, Principal, Lost River Elementary School, Warren County

1996:  Mike Hurt, Principal, Auburn Elementary School, Logan County

1997:  Ron Schneider, Principal, Twenhofel Middle School, Kenton County

1998:  Gregory Figgs, Principal, Scott County High School

1999:  Bill J. Bond, Principal, Heath High School, McCracken County

2000:  Bob Bright, Principal, Marion Middle School

2001:  No award given

2002:  Rob Carroll, Principal, South Heights Elementary School, Henderson County

2003:  David Caldwell, Principal, Fulton County Middle School

2004:  Alysia T. Wedding, Principal, Hearn Elementary, Franklin County


2006:  Tom Waithen

2007:  Kathy Embry Goff

2008:  Kim Banta, Principal, Dixie Heights High School, Kenton County

2009:  Frank Brazzell (deceased), Hickman County

2010:  Tammie Franks, Principal, Harrison Elementary School, Fayette County

2011:  Joshua Porter

2012:  Beth Mather

2013:  Keith Thomas Faust, Principal, Woodfill Elementary, Fort Thomas Independent

2014:  Greg Quenon, Principal, Henry Clay High School, Fayette County

2015:  Stephen Tyra, Bowen Elementary School, Jefferson County

2016   Kimberly Young, Westridge Elementary School, Franklin

2017:  Dr. Daniel Zoeller, Trinity High School

2018: James Campbell, Crabbe Elementary, Ashland Independent

2019:  Daryl Woods, Drakes Creek Middle School Principal

2020:  No award given

2021:  (Tie) Dr. Tracy Barber, Dunn Elementary School, Jefferson County; Tina Wartman, Ft. Wright Elementary School, Kenton County

2022:  Paul Terrell, Calvary Elementary School, Marion County

2023:  Matt Thornhill, William H. Natcher Elementary School

2024:  Beth Randolph, SCAPA 

Award of Merit

Award Recipients

1994:  Bruce England, English Teacher, Nelson County Schools

1995:  Heidi Glasscock, Oldham County School Board

1996:  Joleta Hamilton, Director of Media Services, Hardin County Schools

1997:  Jackie White, Library Media Program Consultant, Kentucky Department of Education

1998:  James M. Davis, Superintendent, Knox County Schools

1999:  Vicki Fields, District Technology Coordinator, Kenton County Schools

2000:  Barbara White Colter, Representative, Kentucky House of Representatives

2001:  George Kirk, Superintendent, Bath County Schools

2002:  Diane Culbertson (Goodwin), Library, Media, and Technology Consultant, Kentucky Department of Education

2003:  Barby Hardy, Supervisor, Fayette County

2004:  Paul Lanata, Library Media Services Director, Jefferson County

2005:  Terry M. Whicker, Director of Educational Technology, Fayette County

2006:  Dr. Barbara Wick

2007:  Melissa Gardner, Technology Resource Teacher, Kenton County Schools

2008:  Sharyon Shartzer, Assistant Superintendent, Grayson County

2009:  Thomas G. Floyd, Superintendent, Madison County

2010:  Harrie Buecker, Superintendent, Franklin County

2011:  Jason Adkins, Grant Writer, OVEC

2012:  Kathy Mansfield, Library and Textbooks Consultant, Kentucky Department of Education

2013:  Jennifer Davis, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Bowling Green Independent Schools

2014:  No award given

2015:  Kathy Mansfield, Program Consultant, Kentucky Department of Education

2016:  Carl Wells, McCracken County, District Technology Coordinator

2017:  Dr. Cynthia Houston, Western Kentucky University

2018:  Dr. David Rust, Superintendent, Campbell County Schools

2019:  Amy Gilkison, Newport Independent

2020:  No award given

2021:  Diana Hatfield, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES)

2022:  Cary Williams, Director of Instructional Technology, Ashland Independent Schools

2023: Dr. Buddy Berry of Eminence Independent Schools 

2024:  KYVL’s Enid Wohlstein 

Eleanor W. Simmons Memorial Grants

​Award Recipients

1993:  Christine McIntosh

1994:  Robyn S. Baxter and Rhonda N. Durham

1995:  Neata Wiley and Sandra Jull

1997:  Melanie R. Bishop and Carolyn K. Reid

1998:  Candita D. Wilson and Dr. Ann M. Riedling

1999:  Kathy Jones and Rita Koontz

2000:  Carolyn Reid and Jill Davis

2001:  Tracie Dreyer-Haynes and Joan Frazure

2002:  Lisa Ann Johnston Winfrey and Beth Jones/Julie Webb

2014:  No award given

2015:  Jennifer Prall, Tates Creek High School, Fayette County and Dee Dee Webb, Jody Richards Elementary School, Warren County

2016:  Joanie Alexander, WKU Library Media Education Program; Lee Ann Sharon, Warren East Middle School

2017:  Felicia White and Sam Northern, Simpson Elementary School, Simpson County

2018:  Erin Pifer, Boone County and Amanda Coe, Ashland Independent

2019:  Rachel Burgin and Jacquelyn Weygandt

2020:  No award given

2021:  Carrie Wilkerson, Daviess County High School

2022:  Damonica Partin, Robert D. Campbell Jr. High School; Tami Cook, Paul Blazer High School

2023:  Heather Stratton and Amanda Hurley 

2024:  Katie Fenwick of County Heights Elementary School and Carrie Wilkerson of Daviess County High School

Student Technology Award

​Award Recipients

1995:  Matthew Canty, Ohio County High School

1996:  Robert Jason Smith, Butler Traditional High School, Jefferson County

1997:  Rachel Hay, Bernheim Middle School, Bullitt County (Dr. Christine McIntosh, Librarian)

1998:  Scott Cranfill, Jesse Clark Middle School, Fayette County

1999:  Edward Winslow, Lexington Traditional Magnet School, Fayette County

2000:  John Carrithers, South Oldham Middle School

2001:  Greg Felts, Lone Oak High School, McCracken County (Brenda Metzger, Librarian)

2002:  Bobby Collins, Graves County High School (Lynda Hiles, Librarian)

2003:  Scottie Beth Fleming, Scottsville-Allen County High School

2004:  Chris Sanders, Graves County High School (Lynda Hiles, Librarian)


2006:  Coty Howard, Rockcastle County High School (Janet Wells, Librarian)

2007:  Wesley Durham, Rockcastle County High School (Janet Wells, Librarian)

2008:  Shelby Jones, Fulton Independent

2009:  (Tie) Danny Barnes, Rockcastle County High School (Janet Wells, Librarian); Dakota Vincent, Cumberland County High School

2010:  Cole Murray,

2011:  Keeli Sims, Warren Elementary School, Warren County (Renee Hale, Librarian)

2012:  Shehane Netthisinghe, Bowling Green High School

2013:  Christine McGaughey, Westridge Elementary, Franklin County (Jessica Holmes, Librarian)

2014:  Ngoc Nguyen, Warren Elementary School, Warren County (Renee Hale, Librarian)

2015:  Don Allen Slaughter, Elkhorn Middle School, Franklin County (Kate Osterloh, Librarian)

2016:  Morton McIntyre, Bondurant Middle School (Jessica Holmes, Librarian)

2017:  William Andy Walker, Rockcastle County High School (Janet Wells, Librarian)

2018:  CJ Dyas, Newport High School (Holly Hart, Librarian)

2019:  Vesta Dennis, Henry County High School

2020:  No award given

2021:  (Tie) Sawyier Wainscott, Westridge Elementary School (Jessica Holmes, Librarian); Jac Cain, Saint Xavier High School (Michelle Metcalfe, Librarian)

2022:  Adeline Crouse, Franklin Co. High School (Jessica Masters, Librarian)

2023:  Xavier Tester, Franklin County High School 

2024:  Monica Montgomery, Daviess County High School 

Donna Hornsby Joint Technology Award

Award Recipients

1994:  Mary Faye Carr and Susan Cross, Media Specialists, Janet Wilhelm and Teri Feeback, Teachers, North Hardin High School, Radcliff, KY

1995:  Lee Goodeman, Media Specialist, Anita Tichenor and Leo Dolan, Teachers Holmes High School, Covington, KY

1997:  Mary Faye Carr, Lin Linder, and Susan Cross, Media Specialists and Donna Cohen,Teacher, North Hardin High School, Radcliff, KY

1998:  Neata Wiley, Media Specialist Jennifer Kelley, Teacher, Russellville High School, Russellville, KY

1999:  Alice Rector, Media Specialist Bruce Haggerty, Teacher, James T. Alton Middle School, Vine Grove, KY

2000:  Dr. Christine McIntosh, Media Specialist, Debra Hatfield, Teacher Bernheim Middle School, Shepherdsville, KY

2001:  Jackie Stovall, Media Specialist, Jana Beth Francis and Patty Phillips, teachers, Whitesville Elementary School, Daviess County

2002:  Robin Baxter, Media Specialist Kathy Jones and Kathy Welch, teachers, Nelson County High School, Nelson County Public Schools

2003:  Melissa Gardner, Media Specialist, Woodland Middle School Kenton County Public Schools





2008:  Emily Northcutt, Librarian & Leigh Ann Scott, Teacher - LeGrande Elementary, Horse Cave, KY - “ERP - The Electronic Reading Project”




2012:  Latisha Cardwell, Librarian & Cody Donaldson and Kyllie Doughty, Teachers - Butler County Middle School - “Natural Disaster Research Project”

2013:  Tara Griffith, Librarian & Elizabeth Riggs, Teacher - W.R. McNeill Elementary School - “Earthquake Preparedness for All”

2014:  Latisha Cardwell, Librarian & Pam Fazel, Teacher - Butler County Middle School - “Zooburst Animal Habitats & Adaptations”

2015:  Emily Northcutt, Librarian & Annette Jones, Teacher - LeGrande Elementary, Horse Cave, KY -  “History Comes Alive! — Causes of the Civil War” 

2016:  Renee Hale, Librarian and Matt Kresslein

2017:  Amanda Hurley and Felica White, Henry Clay High School, Fayette County, Lexington, KY

2018:  Ashley Vincent and Kristin Strode Lindsey, Plano Elementary

2019:  Amanda Cole and Kristy Minton, Crabbe Elementary

2020:  No award given

2021:  (Tie) Librarian Donna Morris and teachers Jill Van Dyke, Tracy Hall, Angela Vaughn, Daniel Boone Elementary for project “Biographies: No Longer on Poster Boards!); Librarian Sharon McCubbins and Sara Smith, Cumberland Trace Elementary for project “75 Stories: Building a Culture of Digital Storytelling”

2022:  No award given

2023:  No award given

2024:  Rhea Isenberg, Christina Keltner, and Heather Centers of Oakland Elementary

Outstanding School Library Media Website

Award Recipients

2008:  Beth Jones (Librarian) and Kim Hall (STC), Shelby County High School

2009:  Karen Falkenstine, Assumption High School, Archdiocese of Louisville

2010:  Sally Horowitz, Northside Elementary School, Woodford County

2011:  Melissa Gardner, Kenton Elementary School, Kenton County

2012:  Carrrie Wilkerson, North Hancock Elementary School, Hancock County

2013:  Kathy Mansfield, Heritage Elementary School, Shelby County

2014:  Jessica Holmes, Westridge Elementary School, Franklin County

2015:  Rachel Burgin, Henry County High School

2016:  Dee Dee Web, Jody Richards Elementary

2017:  Sam Northern, Simpson Elementary

2018:  Jordan Franklin, Henry Moss Middle School

2019:  Melissa Gardner, Campbell County Middle School

2020:  No award given

2021:  (Tie) Jen Gilbert and Kendra Waddell, Eminence Independent School; Tim Jones, Trinity High School

2022:  Brigette Thompson and Leslie Wright, McCracken Co. High School

2023:  Lisa Fierro, Martha Layne Collins High School

2024:  Jennifer Eldridge, Tates Creek High School 

Jesse Stuart Media Award

Award Recipients

1973:  “The Kentucky Story” and “Kentucky Waterways.” Sound filmstrips produced by Dorothy Harrison and Ann Franklin of Jefferson County

1974:  Kentucky: A Pictorial History. University of Kentucky Press

1975:  Six original Folklife Programs. Media Resources about Kentucky and Folklife at Western Kentucky University

1976:  Kentucky Bicentennial Bookshelf. University of Kentucky Press

1977:  “Frankfort:  Kentucky’s State Capital.” Louisville Courier-Journal

1978:  Atlas of Kentucky. University of Kentucky Press

1979:  Literary Map of Kentucky. 

1980:  Shanty Boat by Harlan Hubbard

1981:  The Works of Jesse Stuart

1982:  (tie) Robert Powell and Lillie Chaffen

1983:  The Works of Rebecca Caudill

1984:  Dr. Thomas D. Clark

1985:  Kentucky Educational Television’s (KET) “Kentucky Story”


1987:  “Know Kentucky.” Videotape/filmstrip/sound. NIMCO:  Bill Jones, producer; Jeannie Pridgen, author

1988:  “Kentucky Explorer” and “Kentucky Reader.” Published and edited by Charles Hayes

1989:  Kentucky Imprints



1992:  George Ella Lyon, Kentucky author

1993:  Kentucky Encyclopedia. John E. Kleber, editor

1994:  “Borderline.” Ron Schildknecht, producer, director, editor

1995:  Kentucky Humanities Council, “New Books for New Readers”

1996:  Life Science/Nature Series. Scott Shupe, Commonwealth Production Company

1997:  Electronic Field Trips. Liz Hobson, Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

1998:  “Kentucky Women.” Edited by Eugenia K. Potter

1999:  Mary Hamilton, Storyteller

2000:  Tom Owen, “Main Street in Louisville”

2001:  No award given

2002:  Frank X. Walker, Consulting Producer, and Jean Donahue and Fred Johnson, producers, Coal Black Voices (A media working group documentary)

2003:  Gerald McDaniel, Aindreas: the Messenger. Book from Van Meter Publishing

2004:  Enid Wohlstein. Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL).




2008:  Charlie Heaton and Tom Bickel, Kentucky Educational Television (KET)



2011:  Heather Henson, Children’s Book Author

2012:  Silas House, author of Clay’s Quilt

2013:  Leigh Anne Florence, “Woody” Books

2014:  No award given

2015:  Robert Powell, author and illustrator, “It Happened Today! In Kentucky History” and “My Kentucky Sketchbook”

2016:  2016 Kentucky Afield Radio, Charlie Baglan, “Make Believe Animals in Early Childhood Learning.”

2017:  Library Renovation Project, Amanda Hurley, Tates Creek High School

2018:  Scott Shupe, Kentucky Wildlife Encyclopedia

2019:  CC Payne, The Thing About Leftovers

2020:  No award given

2021:  Maddison Simpson and Campbell Goins, “There’s Only One Frankfort, KY” (YouTube series)

2022:  Graham Shelby, City of Ali documentary

2023:  Sam Terry’s Kentucky 

2024:  Lost River Cave by Renee Hale’s Drakes Creek students Addisyn Johnson, Rhiannon Atwell, and Kayleigh Richards

Service Award for Library Clerks

Award Recipients

2023:  Sarah Hatton, Henry Clay High School 

2024:  Marsha Ingram, Alvaton Elementary