Legislative Session

The pieces of legislation in the table below are ones KASL feels have the potential to affect school libraries. We will update this list as the 2024 Kentucky Legislative session progresses.  You can find contact information for your specific state representatives here.

Update - Senate Bill 232 - Senator Westerfield has committed to removing the section concerning school librarians from SB232, with a committee substitute, should the bill advance. We appreciate Senator Westerfield for his willingness to listen and for his open and clear communication.
Oppose House Bill 191. Parental Rights: By stating the board's requirement to remove materials if it denies a parent or guardian the opportunity to recite passages, the legislation seems to give significant weight to the subjective complaints of individual parents without due process or wider community input. legislative message line 1-800-372-7181
Oppose House Bill 191. This legislation could easily be interpreted in a way that limits a school's lability to provide diverse materials on sensitive or debated topics if they are considered controversial or beyond what a particular group subjectively deems appropriate.. legislative message line 1-800-372-7181