KY School Librarians

Kentucky school libraries and librarians are indispensable in shaping well-rounded, informed, and empowered learners. 

By recognizing and supporting librarian’s multifaceted roles, we invest in the future success of our students and the overall strength of our educational system.

Every Kentucky School Librarian is a Leader, and every Kentucky learner DESERVES a full-time School Librarian.

group of students looking at a globe



group of teachers collaborating at a table
stack of expertly curated books



laptop screen with a school library infographic being displayed
student with a lightbulb and question marks drawn in chalk behind them, they have their hand on their chin looking inquisitive

School Librarians help Kentucky Students THINK

Display curiosity and initiative when seeking information by

School Librarians help Kentucky Students CREATE

Develop new products to demonstrate their learning by

student adjusting a camera on a tripod
a student with headphones on talking to a computer

School Librarians help Kentucky Students SHARE

Communicate with peer and community audiences by

School Librarians help Kentucky Students GROW

Support learners’ growth in and out of the traditional school day by

a student working on building a robot and/or electronics